Healthcare & Nutrition

IMA believes that a meal that contain full of nutrition is a prerequisite for a child’s development.

According to the research of USDA with the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a nutritious and balanced meal contains 5 sections including Fruits, Grains, Vegetables, Protein, and Dairy that are able to amend full and variety of nutrition. Specifically, sufficient nutrition and vitamin are the prerequisite features that stimulate children’s brain development. Therefore, every day at IMA “home”, children are not only have good appetite and full within the provided three delicious meals: breakfast, lunch, and snack but also can be ensured along with the nutrition pyramid of importance for preschoolers.

With our experience and research about child development, meals at IMA are always guaranteed:

  • A hot meal made from fresh ingredients with a well-designed menu to suit children’s development stage, ensuring food safety and hygiene, while also keeping the child’s appetite.
  • Prioritize protein, fruits, vegetables, juice, and unsweetened dairy products (whole yogurt, fresh milk, and cheese). These are products that contain good fat and a high level of nutrients.
  • IMA DOES NOT use canned and processed foods that contain a huge percentage of sugar, which is not good for children’s health.
  • The chefs and staff at the school are always ready to advise on meal plans to ensure the nutrition of the day for your children. In addition, IMA will send the menu to parents via email for your reference.

Sample of Menu

Moreover, at the beginning of the school year, parents will fill out a “Health Form” to inform IMA of your children’s food allergies so that we can take care of their meals effectively and safely.

At IMA, the holistic development of children is our top priority to bring them joy and happiness every day.

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