School Facilities


Every classroom at IMA is the miniature version of the real world; hence, each corners can cover a certain function that supports the holistic development of the children. The classroom system is spacious with large windows that direct the view to the outside. Within this design, the classroom makes the most of sunlight, limiting artificial light to create a genuine "green" environment.

The IMA Montessori classroom has a large space for children to practice and live along with the set objectives. The teaching materials are ensured to be arrange in the right order from easy level to advanced one and are kept neat and clean.

The Green Botanical Park

The school environment is an important factor that contributes to the precious learning and playing experiences of children in the first years of life. Therefore, by understanding and cherishing every moment of children's growth, IMA always provides a safe, friendly, and optimal learning environment, like a second home for children. Within “the green botanical park" and the outdoor areas including playing zone with sand and water, the botanical garden with fruit trees,.. children are free to explore and exposure to nature.

Dining room

The dining area including the on-site cooking section are always carefully prepared and served by uncle and aunties everyday. IMA ensures that every meal meets the qualification of food safety. A hot meal made from fresh ingredients can keep a child's appetite and energy to stay ready for the rest of the day.
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