Arrival & Dismissal

Class schedules

For Casa level, classes start at 8:30 am
For Toddler level, class start at 9:00 am

In case your child(ren) might be late for class, please inform the Front Office. Otherwise, please drop your child off no later than the mentioned class time, as it not only affect your child’s routine but also interfere with other children in the class.


IMA opens doors at 7:30 am (Monday to Friday). Children can access the campus at this time.

Breakfast starts from 7:50 am till 8:30 am (Monday to Friday).

Children arriving later than 8:15 am are recommended to have breakfast at home to join the class activities at the right time.


Children need to be picked up promptly by 4:20 pm (Monday to Friday). In case of late pick-up (even 10 – 15 minutes late), please contact to our school staffs so we can announce to your child(ren) and arrange staff members while waiting for you.

*Please be noted: Fee is applied for late dismissal.

In case there are changes in the regular routine (different pick-up person or early dismissal time), It is essential to inform us by providing the pick-up time and/or a picture of the person who replace parents for dismissal. This information is required by the Front Office at least 02 days before the expected date of change.

*Please be informed that our gate will be closed at 4:30pm for security reasons.

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