05 standards to signify an international Montessori classroom
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05 standards to signify an international Montessori classroom

With over 110 years of formation and development, Montessori education philosophy has been trusted and applied by many preschools around the world. The designing of Montessori classrooms are required to follow the standards with accuracy and uniformity. However, flexibility is also must to suit each child’s characteristics, conditions and different cultures. 

In order for parents not to have difficulty in finding out and choosing a suitable Montessori environment for their children, IMA updates parents with 05 features to focus in arranging learning spaces so that each Montessori classroom could international standards. All have the following criteria:  


There are certain regulations in the Montessori classroom, which are considered as the “guidelines” to prepare and arrange the classrooms order; hence, the teacher can stay initiative in every situation. With a prepared environment, the Montessori kids’ working cycle is expected to be the least restrictive as possible. For example, every teaching material needs to be arranged in a certain distance; therefore, children will not be hindered when taking, working and bringing back. 

Consequently, stopping by international standardized Montessori classroom, parents can easily witness the neat, in order, arrangement, and consistency between study corners. This is where the baby stays focused, shows their passion and executes their work in an excited way. 


With the Montessori method, children are encouraged to learn from each other, stimulate curiosity and access many academic fields to maximize their potential. Children will have freedom to make decisions and experience in the Montessori classroom.  

Therefore, to meet the international requirements, the Montessori classroom needs a large and open space for children to move freely. For children to possess a balanced and comprehensive development, parents also need to notice the arrangement of the 05 Montessori areas such as the numbers of corners, teaching materials and activity space.  

To know more about the 5 learning areas in Montessori, please access: HERE 


Each Montessori classroom is a miniature model of society, and each child will be equipped with the necessary skills and qualities of the 21st century. To do that, your child’s journey of experience and exposure in ” the golden age of absorption” must require an emphasis on reality so that your child can foster his or her imagination, creativity, and broaden worldview at their own pace. 

Therefore, the furniture arranged in the Montessori classroom will simulate real objects yet are specially designed for children. An international standard classroom will be fully equipped with items that are suitable to the child’s physical condition and size such as low-level sofas, eating utensils of medium size, and bookshelves on par. This makes the kids easier to observe the classroom and make choices to shape his or her experience. 


According to research related to “human trends and psychology” conducted by Dr. Maria Montessori, she concluded that a child from birth has a tendency to stay connected to nature and has the ability to manipulate the environment with his hands. Therefore, the classroom space should be decorated and coordinated with many natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo leaves or different surfaces such as cotton, stone, and sand. As a result, the process of children absorbing ideas through the two corners of Culture and Sensorial will be more intuitive, promoting their imagination, creativity and expanding their worldview. 


Each classroom is a “Casa de Bambi” – the house where children learn to grow at their own pace. More than the above standards, each Montessori classroom always needs to carry the atmosphere of a home, where every day will welcome children with all warmth and full of love. 

Every Montessori class will always be a standard academic community, a happy home with happy, positive children. Each child growing up in a pure Montessori environment will always develop emotionally and achieve intellectual achievements according to his or her age and development progress. 

At IMA, we bring children a second home where they can be safe, secure, confidently explore and develop themselves. With a classroom space of 90-100m2 with a glass-wall system and fully equipped with Montessori teaching materials, IMA creates a fresh and friendly environment, a safe space for children to study, to practice and have fun. 

In addition, IMA Montessori Academy is located in the middle of a “green ecosystem” with diverse vegetation and a play area that is safely designed and suitable for young children where their playtime will get more interesting and cooler than ever. 

Here, the distance between school and family will be blurred by the care, love and an environment that nurtures the natural development of the child. IMA is happy to accompany parents in raising and witnessing our children grow up day by day.



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