The importance of choosing a
Bilingual Kindergarten for your child

Choosing a preschool for children is inherently tricky math for many parents who have children between the ages of 1 – 6 years old. With the current economic and social development, international and bilingual kindergarten models are getting more and more interested in parents. The notion of choosing the best school for their child is always a top priority for each parent; however, whether the best school is the best fit for your child or not?

Throughout the first 05 years of life, the prerequisite condition in forming a suitable growing-up environment for children is to respect the unique characteristics of each child. Besides, it has to fully equip children with practical knowledge to ensure they can develop at their own pace. These features are prominent in Montessori philosophy - a liberal educational method that aims to build a fundamental foundation for children from the very first years.


The school facilities are required to be dimmed in the light of nature and green ecosystems to meet the demand of growing up holistically and naturally in each child. 

In Liberal education environment, children’s cognition can be boosted throught the act of freely making choices and exploring the world.

More than the role of an educator, teacher is a trusted company during each’s child growing up journey.

Having a bilingual mind assists children to empathize with life to the fullest which can stimulate the possibility of enhancing Linguistic Intelligence.

At IMA Montessori Academy, with our dearest enthusiasm of educators, we strive to provide each child a safe, warm learning environment and turn IMA into their Home away from home. IMA is where children can learn to grow up naturally and happily; where can wipe away the boundaries between family and school to strengthen parents’ trust and faith to get along with their child’s growing up journey.

IMA has been ranked as Top 5 Montessori Kindergarten at Ho Chi Minh City

(provided by VnExpress in 2018)

Let them be kids!

Montessori Philosophy – a liberal teaching method aims for holistic development.

Exploring the universe, growing up together

The model of mixing-aged classroom simulates a small-sized society and family where the older students can guide and help the younger one. Besides, this can help the younger ones get familiar with the kindergarten environment faster and more comfortably. Adapting to this model, children know how to nurture their friendliness, stay proactive to help and learn from each other.

Being ready to "jump" into the world, starting from the tiniest steps

Being raised in the Montessori environment, children can absorb knowledge via different activities and experiences. These activities are integrated with specially designed teaching material and appliances that perfectly fit children’s size and capabilities.

Reinforcing and respecting the concentration

One of the Montessori big goals is to teach children stay focused. Hence, the Montessori curriculum is distinguished built to avoid hindering children’s process of concentration, especially when they have to move on to the next lessons.

Preeminent pedagogy that evokes children’s possibilities.

The curriculum at IMA Montessori Academy is divided into Bilingual Program and International Program which are both followed the basis of Montessori philosophy integrated with Oxford program and Floppy Phonics language curriculum.

With the dedicated educators who are trained and coached by professional American Montessori (AMS) experts, we are proud to offer children a standardized and international Montessori values at Ho Chi Minh City.


Greeting School Year 2023-2024,

IMA would like to offer a special incentive program with up to 15% DISCOUNT ON TUITON FEE FOR FULL-YEAR PAYMENT. IMA aspires to broaden the Montessori philosophy toward more children, create a safe, happy and trustworthy environment toward parents, and most importantly to evoke the life-long learning values in every kid.

To know more about the School year 2023-2024 Special incentive and Tuition fee policy, please access:

  • For Bilingual Program: Here
  • For International Program: Here

To get detailed information about Special Incentives and Admission process at IMA, Parents please contact Admission office via hot line (028) 7300 2268 or email

Modern and Secured School Facilities

The period of 18 months – 6 years old is when humans start to form a foundation for mental and physical development. Understanding this, IMA aims to provide a Home away from home where you can feel safe, feel loved, and be encouraged to potentialize personal possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Kids from which age will be accepted by your school? Does the school accept a 12-month-old baby?

Dear Parents, IMA accepts children from 18 months to 6 years old. In the case a 16-month baby is ready for certain skills such as movement and self-feeding will also be accepted.

2. What is the school curriculum?

Dear Parents, IMA applies the full-time Montessori method including 3 hours of Montessori education throughout the morning and English sessions every afternoon that followed the language pedagogy of Oxford and Floppy Phonics to strenghthen their English communication.

3. How can I register for a school tour and get more information related to school's tuition policy information?

Dear Parents, thank you for your interest in IMA. To get detailed information related to currriculum and admission process, please provide us with your contact number via Hotline (028) 7300 2268 or Email

4. How can I create a Montessori environment at home without having enough Montessori teaching materials? And how much time is sufficient for a Montessori lesson at home?

Dear Parents, it is encouraged to provide an in-house Montessori environment. However, it does not require to have full preparation of Montessori teaching materials. Household utensils could be utilized for practical learning. Any activity at home can be considered Montessori and no specific time is required to learn

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