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"When you start going to school, I just want you to be enjoyable and safe. But since you’ve been at IMA, you’ve got more than that.

Every day when you came back home from school, it was very exciting to wait for you to tell us so many stories that you experienced at school: making a cake, drawing flowers, planting a tree, picking vegetables, or learning numbers and letters, and so on. You look like the busiest person in our family!

Thank you to IMA's teacher and staff for loving and teaching my baby! I believe the happy time of Thu Tra at IMA might be the most memorable and precious time in her growing journey."
Thu Tra's mom
The first moment when choosing IMA Montessori Academy to nurture his passion for life-long learning, I know it’s been the best decision ever.

As my expectation, he was so happy to go to school from the first week. He was excited about everything, from new friends to the classroom, Montessori materials and toys, and setting used to the teacher. The teachers at IMA always showed their respect, patience, and proper manner towards whatever the children did. I was impressed with the image of IMA teachers welcoming children to school every morning with all their warmth and enthusiasm.

Having a healthy child has been a blessing for parents like us, but raising, educating and caring for a child is such a long journey. I hope Ken will have a memorable and fascinating learning experience on the journey ahead."
Ken - Phuc Hung's mom
We, Mon’s family, would like to send Mon's emotion and love going at the first days. His memories are growing up and confident to play with friends and classmates.

At first, I honestly wanted to let Mon study at IMA, and he was 12 months old at that time. However, based on the regulations and standards, IMA only takes 18 months old kids and above with required conditions for the best supports. Hence, I let him try another kindergarten until he was old enough to start the journey with IMA.

And finally, his growing journey at IMA has started. He surpassed teachers' expectation since he was get used to with the class speedly and very friendly to friends and teachers. He was the youngest one yet very confident and independent. I hope that you can always stay shining and be happy as the way you are, my dear Mon in Cherry class!
Mon - Bao Hoang's parents

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