Q: Kids from which age will be accepted by your school? Does the school accept a 12-months -old baby?

A: Dear Parents, IMA accepts children from 18 months to 6 years old. In the case a 16 months baby is ready for a certain skills such as: movement and self feeding will also be accepted by school.


Q: What is the school curriculum?

A: Dear Parents, as a Montessori School , IMA applies fulltime Montessori method, with 3 hours of Montessori education throughout the morning, English clubs during every afternoons will help kids to increase English language skills.


Q: To know the school’s tuition policy information without having time to visit the school directly, what should I do?

A: Thank you for your interest in IMA, parentes please provide school your email address, the office will send the full- enrollment file to the email address that you provide. Sincerely thank.


Q: I want to create a Montessori environment at home, but do not have enough Montessori materials, what can I do? How long for the lession in Montessori?

A: Bring Montessori to your home. This does not mean that at home must have all materials of this method, all the practical furniture at home can also create a Montessori environment for the baby. Any activity at home can be considered as Montessori, no specific time is required to learn.


Q: Montessori PPGD is a mixed age learning method. What are the benefits of this method?

A: Yes, according to the Montessori standard. The classroom will designed 0 to 3 and 3 to 6 years old.


No competition and no comparison

Mixed different ages in the Montessori room will create a fast learning environment for your baby. Small children will learn from the olders. The older children will learn faster because they see the children learn again from him. Young children will become teachers for small children.For Montessori method, each class has 2 ~ 3 teachers with maximum number of 20 ~ 25 children. Each class has 200 ~ 300 lessons designed for each child. The lesson only brings the best result when the lesson affects the senses of each child.


Q: When there are conflicts between kids in the class, such as scrambled toys, lessons … How will they be handled?

A: The kids when enter a Montessori room, must adhere to the guidelines in this classroom

In the Montessori classroom there are lots of lessons, lots of teaching materials but only one lesson per lesson. When they want to learn a lesson that another friend is doing, there is no way but wait. Wait until their friend finishes this lesson.


Q: I am concerned about communication about Montessori program between school and family. How do I know what my child is learning in class so that she (he) can be guided or followed up at home?

The communcation between family and school:What your child learns in the classroom will be recorded in detail and sending back to you durring parent meetings.The school keeps track of the child’s progress in the form of a folder, and the teacher writes in detail what the lesson is learned , and how the child responds to each lesson.

Parent responsibilities:Know the name of the classroom teacher, attend parent meetings so that you can keep track of your child’s progress

Find out more about the methodology and how to get more information online.


Q: Montessori Precepts give priority to the field of “ Practice life”. As what I’ve read there are also lessons using the knife, scissors. Is this dangerous for kids?

A: When you use the above items, there is the teacher’s control over the kids. In the classroom lessons, the teacher is very detailed instructions: where to place, where to endanger … For example, when holding the scissors: her guide to hold firm with two hands, held on the tip of the pulling, nose to pull in the inside of his body, to ensure safety when given to the opposite person, avoiding the nose to injure him.

Young children can understand and recognize the danger, the baby from birth has the ability to protect themselves.


Age group

Toddler: 18 months to 3 years old

Preschooler: 3 years to 6 years old

Why IMA?


International environment


Outstanding Montessori method


Experienced teaching faculty


Modern facilities


Best nutrional meals

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